Upgradation of Nanarao Park

Formely known as Memorial Well Garden, Nanarao Park is the biggest park in Kanpur. It being located in the heart of the city on the Mall Road attracts lot of footfalls. Upgration of the park involved strengthening the boundary wall, construction of cycle track, memorial wall for statues of freedem fightersm, walkway of synthetic turf, landscape, parking, etc. These developments have given a new outlook to the park and has started attracting more visitors.

Project Cost | 10.23 cr.


Scada Electricity

With the increasing density of the Kanpur city and its industrialization the need to automate and enhance the existing electiricty distribution management functions has become paramount. KSCL put in place tagging and switch order management. It provides NEW capabilities for distribution systems such as real-time awareness; complete 3-phase powere flow calculation-based network analysis to manage voltage and thermal limits and provide fault location, isolation and system restoration; network optimization tools for minimizing system losses and reducing peak load; outage management tools for reducing outage time and increasing crew safety for planned and unplanned outages.

Project Cost | 44.00 cr.


Green Park Visitor Gallery

Green Park Stadium is one of the oldest cricket stadiums in the country and lone centre for Test Cricket in Uttar Pradesh. The only stadium in India to host student gallery, the stadium in its 76 glorious years has been witness to many iconic and historical events. To iconise these occurrences KSCL has converted the old pavilion into an exhibition hall where memoirs & antiques related to cricket are kept. 'Green Gallery and Exhibition Hall' as it is referred to will also have audio/visual room, library, lounge, SD indoor cricket, restaurant etc.

Project Cost | 4.61 cr.


Electric bus charging depot

The growth in the Kanpur city has led to vehicle expansion as well. With the increasing road infrastructure, the need to reduce pollution, minimise the dependence of energy from conventional sources and promote eco-friendly public transport for city folks has been the focal consideration pint for KSCL. Kanpur Smart City Ltd has come up with electric buses and the electric bus charging depot. Work is also on for developing an app for citizens to track city buses and plan their travel accordingly.

Project Cost | 14.23 cr.


Implement digital learning e-patashala

The growing need for quality education through digital classroom involving electronic devices and software has led KSCL plan smart classes. Kanpur Smart City Limited has initiated 'E-pathshala digital learning' that promotes change in the teaching-learning process. It is planned to make learning experience more fun & interesting among the students. The audio-visual learning creates a more engaging environment thus helping them to retain subject matter more effectively. An IT-rich environment will improve the aptitude of learners and assist the teaching and learning of students with special needs. It will also help teachers to use technology in a more effective manner, thus enhancing learning capacity of students

Project Cost | 2.7 cr.


iccc/smart city operation center

KSCL has introduced the Integrated Command and Control Centre (ICCC) as the brain for city operation.

ICCC as a platform through its different layers and components act as a decision support system (DSS) for city administration stationed in the renovated building with video wall, seating for 28 operators, 10-seater conference table, PA System, data storage capacity 3.5 peta byte. It helps to respond to the real time events by consuming data feeds from the installed sensors and edge devices and process information accordingly.

Ensuring convenience for the citizens, the sub projects within ICCC introduced by KSCL are, Data Centre, CCTV surveillance, free WiFi spots across the city, environment sensors, digital sign board, emergency call box, public address system, Smart Parking Solution, Air Quality Index Monitoring Sensor, Mgmt Portal Integration of Urban Utilities, Intelligent Transport Management System, among others.

Project Cost | 389.87 cr.


ict based solid waste collection

A smart city should be open-waste free. Going by this KSCL has initiated the project with zero spillage & no waste dumping on ground. The wastes are now transported by covered container vehicles to the newly built 6 waste transfer station and then to energy processing plant. KSCL also plans to use these stations as smart advertising signage for revenue generation. The project involves sourcing of refuse compactor, wheeler tippers, skid steer loader, wheel barrow and RC bins.

Project Cost | 46.30 cr.


procurement of trash skimmers

The rivers and water bodies of Kanpur were under heavy stress due to continuous pollution by throwing waste and other materials. Some got deposited beneath while others kept floating thus affecting the city's health & image. KSCL has procured trash skimmers to remove all floating debris such as bottles, polythene bags, household articles, religious waste to ensure that the river surface looks spotless clean.This initiative has helped in reducing water pollution and attracting visitors around the water bodies.

Project Cost | 4.67 cr.


water supply scada

KSCL has introduced water management through this project which will ensure water supply to Kanpur city in a planned way as per city requirement and integration with ICCC. The objective of this project is to achieve the high efficiency, continuous & automatic working of the water treatment plants. Newly installed valves along with corrective measures towards water supply with quality betterment, water wastage /leakages with continuous monitoring and operation will lead to efficient water production.

Project Cost | 32.48 cr.


rain water harvesting & waste water recycling

"Water water everywhere but not a drop of water to drink."
The focus of KSCL is on water sustainability along with the smart rain water harvesting in urban areas. Water conservation and reduction in use of groundwater usage by use of PVC rainwater pipes, tanks. Timbering over areas including strutting, sorting and packing cavities of 272.7 cum. Tank with a capacity of 950cum has been constructed for the purpose.The Waste Water Recycling project at Dhabi Ghat involves recycling of waste water to the extent of 20,000 litres per day by installing 2 water drains. Plant is constructed underground without compromising with the space for drying clothes.The project ensures overcoming the inadequacy of surface water to meet the high demand especially during summers, arresting decline in ground water levels and enhancing availability of ground water and utilize rain water for sustainable development.

Project Cost | 4.91 cr.


highlighting of historical buildings

KANPUR holds immense historic significance. It was one of the major locations of the 1857 uprising for the India's struggle of independence. In a bid to keep the historic spirit alive, KSCL is working towards restoring the historic sites. Keeping with people's faith most of the site's structures are not changed.

Project Cost | 1.17 cr.


installation of vendor kiosk

One of the major concerns of a smart city is open vending. Understanding the need to streamline this area KSCL has initiated a project to provide employment to local shop vendors in the Motijheel area. Besides boosting local identity and economy the project will help in providing better and hygienic business areas for vendors.

Project Cost | 1.33 cr.


digitization of kscl records

The digitization of the records by KSCL has ensured easy accessibility & faster retrieval of files besides freeing up space with physical records. The secured system ensures preservation and secured access to only authorize personnel. While the system saves on human resource, it also promotes Go Green initiatives with less paper usage.

Project Cost | 0.41 cr.


modernization & development of palika sports stadium

This project by KSCL is a unique pan-India project having the most modern indoor sports infrastructure with the possibility of playing 22 out of 28 Olympics. The infra has been planned for community recreational games, coaching, and training for sports aspirants. All national & international sports standards are followed. Planned with green building features like STP, rainwater harvesting, solar panels, water recycling, and zero waste discharge, this sports project will promote health awareness and physical fitness for all age groups.

Project Cost | 42.44 cr.


Repair, Upgradation & Modernization of internal CC Road at Kargil park on EPC Mode

The park, which is KSCL's flagship project offers a host of new features for the citizens of Kanpur. It offers 1.8 km long synthetic jogging/walking track made of EPDM consisting 3 circuits--one for the joggers, the other for brisk walkers and the third for senior citizens. Besides new ambient lighting, the park has the feature of pipe music all around so that citizens can enjoy bhajans / light music during their walk. Outdoor benches for old age citizens have been placed to relax during their walk. The entire area is equipped with Wi Fi & has CCTV surveillance system.

Project Cost | 4.58 cr.


upgradation of swimming pool in nanarao park

The swimming pool arena in Nanarao Park constructed in 1968 was the first of its kind in Kanpur. The swimming pool got dilapidated over the years. The filtration plant also became obsolete. KSCL has taken the initiative for redeveloping and modernizing the swimming pool.

The swimming pool which is 50 x 18 metres will be redeveloped as per norms of the Olympics. State level and national level tournaments can take place in this arena and cater to the international level practices for swimmers. It has all tournament level equipment like Touch Pads, Jumps Boards

Project Cost | 14.44 cr.


Renovation/upgradation of badminton hall at green park stadium (Phase-2)

The Green Park stadium is one of the iconic stadiums in the country. With the upliftment of the offerings in the stadium, KSCL has also planned to upgrade the badminton court. It is the only stadium in India having student gallery. The old existing courts needed to be rejuvenated to attract new talents for practice and competitive games. The upgradation project involves wall paneling, wood flooring, storage cabinet, glass/flush door shifting & fixing, sports lighting work, furniture work and false celling.

Project Cost | 2.57 cr.


development of waste park in abd area

KSCL has taken the initiative to innovatively repurpose plastic waste and has developed Asia's and India's Largest Ludo made from plastic waste, placed in Kargil Park-Kanpur. This was inaugurated and opened for the general public on 2nd July 2022

The LUDO has been entered as a record in the Asia Book of Records and India Book of Records. The dimensions of this giant ludo are 20 feet X 20 feet, and it is created using 1978 kgs of rejected plastic waste.

Project Cost | 0.5 cr.


development of web-based lidar based utility and property mapping

LiDAR, which stands for Light Detection and Ranging, is a remote sensing method that uses light in the form of a pulsed laser to measure ranges. With the growing need for using technological methodology for the progress of the city KSCL has introduced this technology to create accurate maps of the city which will help in better planning of upcoming development. It will also ensure the non-evasion of property tax and help in disaster management for the city.

Project Cost | 1.7 cr.


road improvement & maintenance

The key to proper pedestrian and vehicular movement is the proper laying of pathways and road improvement. KSCL has developed proper lanes and carriage-way, repaired and maintained with pathways paving & tactile paving. It has also taken into consideration the need for differently abled and Developed ramps for differently abled.

The newly installed medians will help in smooth traffic movement. To ensure the citizens are well informed about the nearby location and can move to their destination without any hindrance KSCL has installed signage & Information signboard. The street furniture and landscaping, plantation with tree guards, light poles & benches, bollards and dustbins add beauty, safety & hygiene to the entire project.

Project Cost | 37.36 cr.


Develop Open Gym

Improved fitness is, naturally, the primary goal of cities installing outdoor fitness equipment. An outdoor gym with a thoughtful selection of units will cater to a diverse demographic, providing a challenging workout to individuals at every fitness level. KSCL has taken an initiative to install various outdoor GYM equipment for taking care health and fitness of Kanpur citizens. Some equipment is even designed to accommodate multiple users, inviting conversation as individuals work out on the various elements in this way, the outdoor gym can serve to strengthen community ties and increase social capital.

Project Cost | 1.00 cr.


Improvement and Beautification of 6 Parks in ABD Area

ABD area lies in the central north part of the city south of the Ganga. It is spread over 1475 acres (597 ha or 5.97 sq. km) covering about 2.29% of KMC area. The objective of KSCL is to promote city to provide core infrastructure and give decent quality of life to its citizens, a clean and sustainable environment. Development of parks with increase of green cover and facilities of physical activities plays an important role in air pollution as well as improving fitness.

Project Cost | 2.77 cr.


Improvement and Beautification of Children Park in ShyamLal Gupta Parshad and Ganesh Shanker Vidyarthi Park in ABD Area

Kanpur Smart City plans, children's parks at Phool Bagh are slated to be revamped, with modern facilities. The Ganesh Udyan and Shyam Narayan Gupta Parshad Park's Children's Parks in Phool Bagh has adorned with new amenities. In this park Modern swings and entertainment of children also available. Some of these equipment include slides, net jumpers, infinity bowl, etc. Preservation of ecosystems and open spaces, Improve green cover, Health benefits, access to open spaces, Reduce pollution and safety of parks land.

Project Cost | 2.65 cr.


Solid Waste Management (Part - 2)

As to cater the solid waste collection and transportation needs of Kanpur via vehicles required for door to door segregated waste collection, compressing the collected segregated waste in different/separate compactors and then transporting the compressed waste to recycling facility.

Project Cost | 12.00 cr.


Facial Recognition Attendance System for Kanpur Nagar Nigam

Scanty biometric technologies are attracting as much attention as facial recognition. Facial recognition technology offers a host of benefits such as in authentication, monitoring, access control, indexing, and maintenance of surveillance applications. Face recognition systems have led to the advancement of multimedia information access. Also, implementing network access control via face recognition not only makes it virtually impossible for hackers to steal a user’s password but also improves human-computer interaction. This is one of the reasons why facial recognition attendance systems are gaining popularity.

Project Cost | 5.00 cr.


Construction of Boundary wall, parking area & Chain fencing at Palika Stadium, Brijendra Swaroop Park, Kanpur

KSCL has initiated International / National level indoor games for citizens center, swimming pool, commercial complex, park A new campus is to be built for the rooms, now campus, ediman block, academy block. Through the above project, sports, physical education, education, sports related shopping centers, so to provide safety and aesthetics to design of stadium chain ling type fencing is required to cover the entire premises.

Project Cost | 4.00 cr.


Development of Visitors Gallery at Green Park Stadium (Phase-2)

Green Park Stadium is one of the oldest cricket stadiums in the country and alone center of Test Cricket in Uttar Pradesh. The Green Park is the only stadium in India having student gallery. In the last glorious 76 years of stadium, there are many iconic moments and historical events happened in the stadium. To preserve these moments at one place it is decided to construct a “Green Gallery and Exhibition Hall” at Old Pavilion (Dressing Room) of the stadium to convert the old pavilion dressing room into exhibition hall. KSCL has converted the old pavilion into an exhibition hall where memoirs & antiques related to cricket are kept.

Project Cost | 3.57 cr.


Installation of Open Gym & Children Park at different parks in city by Empanelment of agencies

In order to combat the fitness of the citizens, it is open in the main park of the city. Open Air gyms have been set up in which other people with learning courses are open to benefit. Gym equipment has been installed. The reason behind opening open air gym in the park is that people can take benefits by exercising along with walking.

Project Cost | 5.00 cr.


Installation of Solar Panel on Govt. Buildings of ABD Area

To make the city offices energy efficient so for that many government buildings are selected for installation of solar plants so that daily minimum electricity need can be full filled with solar energy which leads towards big savings in electricity bills.

Project Cost | 3.5 cr.


Installation and erection of Smart Street Lights in ABD area

As street lights are the major utility of city also the energy consumption is the major factor in facilitation of street lights so as to make the lights energy efficient and facilitate the streets of ABD area with proper arrangement of illumination.

Project Cost | 3.00 cr.


Development of Govt. owned public places near Anandeshwar Temple at Parmat

Boost to local identity and economy and encourage heritage tourism in the city.

Project Cost | 6.00 cr.


Construction & Development of Smart Bus Stop at 30 locations across city on E-Bus Route

Bus shelter is an essential part of any successful urban mass transit system. What constitutes "good," however, depends upon your point of view. From the perspective of the city agency that is responsible for its management, a good shelter is one that has low maintenance requirements and is vandal-resistant. From the rider's point of view, an ideal shelter is one that allows visibility and easy access to the bus, is comfortable and convenient, provides clear information, and is safe.

Project Cost | 0.5 cr.


Construction & Development of automated foot over bridge at Nanarao Park

The aim of project is to connect two major heritage sites of Kanpur, major benefits will accommodate general public of Kanpur with heritage walk around the heritage sites (Nanarao Park, Nauka VIhar, Parshad Vatika, Children Park etc) with automated projection mapping at KEM hall showcasing the historical events happened during India before independence.

Project Cost | 4.00 cr.


Design, Supply, Installation and Commissioning of front façade and chimney illumination of heritage River Side Power House Kanpur with 1 year O&M

To showcase the rich heritage of Kanpur city by renovating the heritage buildings and to boost local identity and encourage tourism and economy.

Project Cost | 2.00 cr.


Slum development in ABD Area

Indian cities are flooding with migrants due urbanization drive since recent years. The inability of the cities to tackle the growth of local population give rise to slum areas. Government have come up with various initiatives to eradicate such problem from time to time such PMAY, but the issue still persists. Various studies have found that the slum dwellers stays in such areas even though they have a choice of not to stay there.
1. Locality - mostly slums are developed near to city center or a commercially important area that provides the dwellers employment opportunities.
2. Rent Free Living - Slum dwellers does not needs to pay rent or buy that property to settle there. Even they don't have to pay electricity bills, thanks to electrical wires running openly over their houses.
3. Social Living - People in slums are more social as compared to people who stay in well-defined areas. This social feeling makes them live a social life.
Cons – 1. Poor and unhygienic living conditions giving rise to communicable diseases such as malaria, TB.
2. Loss of potential Tax collection. ex. property tax.
3. Uncontrolled growth give rise to improper distribution of local resources. ex. PDS calculations.
4. Increases crime rate and shelter for criminals due to inaccessibility and improper inhabitant tracking system.
5. Prone to disasters due to improper drainage, low quality infrastructure.

Project Cost | 4.00 cr.


Citizen facilitation center

Citizen facilitation center provides a facility created by the Authority for receiving applications and other documents from the citizens residing within the notified jurisdiction of such a centre and forwarding them to the central Title Registry for processing.

Project Cost | 2.00 cr.


Smart Policing

Kanpur makes rapid advances towards becoming an economic super hub, our police cannot continue to remain frozen in time. Traditional and linear devices used in the past are insufficient today. We are beginning to understand the potential of technology in enabling smarter policing. Countries around the world are at different stages of deploying technology for law enforcement. Kanpur needs legal frameworks to determine how stakeholders in the present smart policing system should be storing and using data. Advancement in science and technology research as well as strategic funding are significant to build safe communities. Smart policing will benefit an entire community, help cut costs and improve existing systems in combating crime.

Project Cost | 8.00 cr.


Procurement of Stationary Trash Skimmer Phase – 2

Storm Water drains cleaning work, collection of all kinds of floating matter in Storm Water drains of Kanpur city.

Project Cost | 1.10 cr.


Development of City E-Bus Application

Citizen friendly app for citizens of the city for tracking of city buses and plan their travel accordingly which will save their time. It will also help the authorities in utilizing the resources in a cost-effective manner.

Project Cost | .8 cr.


Development of Boating facility at Kargil Park in existing Park Lake

Boost to local identity and economy and local tourism.

Project Cost | 0.5 cr.


Shifting of poles from Metro route to Designated places

Conservation and reuse of critical resources.

Project Cost | 1.5 cr.


Beautification of Roads & Signage in ABD area

Improved safety and security of citizens, particularly vulnerable groups (women, children and elders), will help in reduce accidents and encourage citizens to follow the traffic rules, will improve walkability.

Project Cost | 5.00 cr.


Installation of lifts at Media Centre in Green park Stadium

It will allow easy accessibility for the visitors of Green Park Elderly, differentially abled people.

Project Cost | 1.5 cr.


Integration with State Level ICCC

Setting up of a State Level ICCC and its integration with ICCC of Kanpur city for better reporting, monitoring and implementation of public services.

Project Cost | 2.5 cr.


Establishment of Interactive Digital Classroom under Abhyuday Yojna

KSCl initiate to provide enhanced learning experience also enhanced teaching and learning experience. Participative multi-classroom teaching. Interactive Learning Experience, Easy Access to Online Resources, Time Saving Technology, Eco Friendly (will reduce use of papers), Increased Productivity, Highly Effective, Motivate Students.

Project Cost | 0.35 cr.


Opportunity Bus Charging Station (for 10 Buses) at Fazalganj Depo / Workshop, Kanpur

Charging station for operating 10 No.s. Electric buses at Fazalganj Bus Depot. Promotes Eco Friendly public transport for the public. Reduced dependence on, conservation of energy and reduce the pollution from conventional sources.

Project Cost | 1.19 cr.